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by Dr. Grant Stevens 6. August 2015 19:27


If you ask women if they have cellulite, 85 percent will say they have it and the other 15 percent will think they have it. Creams, rollers, massage - people have tried to remove cellulite since Cleopatra looked down and screamed, "Oh no! I've got cottage cheese thighs!"

If cellulite is keeping you from truly enjoying warmer weather, there's a treatment in Los Angeles that is revolutionary, and I almost never use that term. Cellulaze is a minimally invasive method that works beneath your skin to remove cellulite at the source.  It's FDA approved for longer-lasting results.

Cellulaze uses laser technology to treat cellulite and increase skin thickness for a smoother, healthier appearance. This procedure is minimally invasive, typically requiring only small incisions the size of a pen's tip. A small instrument works beneath the skin, releasing fibrous bands of underlying tissue that contribute to a dimpled appearance and, at the same time, stimulating collagen production which improves skin thickness and elasticity.

The procedure only requires local anesthetic or numbing cream, and a compression garment is worn afterwards for a short time. Our patients typically see an improvement in skin thickness and elasticity of 25 percent or more, and results will continue to develop during the year that follows the procedure. Yes, there are shorts or a bikini in your future.

Want to learn more? Watch the videos and you'll be amazed at the difference a few hours can make

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